• Hani Ameri

    Hani Ameri

    Let’s Go out there to make the shift for a Growth Mindset. Learn. Do. and Teach. Cut the mustard for your success. Let’s connect! https://KnowledgeBedrock.com

  • Omar Samra عمر سمره

    Omar Samra عمر سمره

    Drags heavy objects 2 high & cold places,off-the-beaten path traveler,in love w technology & all things entrepreneurial,founder @wildguanabana,working on a book

  • Darren Smith

    Darren Smith

    Point of Reference founder. Passionate about customer reference programs and the expertise, technology and content that makes them successful.

  • As You Sow

    As You Sow

    Engaging Corporations. Protecting People and Planet.

  • Vic Phillipson

    Vic Phillipson

    Just a broken down theatre tech from Nebraska, living in Norway, and working in Germany.

  • Laurie Concepcion

    Laurie Concepcion

    Just a blogger :) I work in NYC by day and blog by night of everything career, inspirational and relationship related. INFJ

  • renee


    's all abt. surfing, great food, oki-culture, & Jesus! =D

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