Permission to be Mistaken

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Inner Consistency

According to Robert Cialdini, we are driven to maintain a positive and consistent self image. In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he cites research that found:

  1. Is this new data consistent with what I already “know” about the world?
  2. If this data does happen to be true, does the world make more sense?

Outer Consistency

When Margaret Thatcher declared, “ The lady’s not for turning “ on her deregulation of the financial markets, it cemented her reputation as the Iron Lady and her speech received a five-minute standing ovation (admittedly at the Tory Party Conference, and audiences don’t come much more obsequious than that).

Consistency or Change?

So which do we choose? Consistency, even when consistency will be consistently bad, or changeability, which can leave everybody confused and ungrounded?

Other Stuff:

Following on from the theme of story, I recommend this article on the BBC website about three alternative stories: subject, consumer, or citizen. How we think of ourselves and our role in society has profound implications for our individual and collective wellbeing. It seems to me that there is a widespread shift happening, from me to we. Early days yet, but it seems to me that this shift is crucial if we are to create a sustainable future.



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Roz Savage

Roz Savage


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