Aubrey Marcus has an interesting mix of guests, exploring spirituality, consciousness, philosophy, science, and psychedelics.


I started writing a blog post on Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, and may post it next week. You may have heard of it as the film where Emma Thompson goes full frontal nude, which is indeed a part of it, but very far from all of it. In this press conference in Berlin, Emma T does a great job of describing the issues it raises, around shame, bodies, and women’s desires. The film is beautifully intimate — most of it just a man and a woman in a hotel room over the course of 4 meetings in which all is bared — literally. It was filmed in 19 days and probably didn’t cost very much, but its simplicity only enhances its emotional power.


Automatic Writing: There’s one more day to sign up for Mike Dooley’s 21-day course on automatic writing. And no, I’m not on commission. I’ll admit, I find Michael Sandler’s way of speaking a little irritating, but that’s just me — and the content makes it worth bearing with. It’s my way of coaxing my reluctant early-morning self into meditation and journaling. Choose your price, starting at $27.



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Roz Savage

Roz Savage

Former management consultant who stepped out of the ordinary to row oceans solo. Currently writing and podcasting at