Social Mobility

  • An education system that nurtures a wider range of forms of intelligence: the current system prioritises numeracy and language, and according to Howard Gardner there are at least 6 other kinds of intelligence, all of which are valuable to society but are under-valued in schools, denting students’ confidence early in life
  • Better funding for schools, including paying teachers a salary that does justice to the importance of the work they do and attracts high-calibre individuals
  • Free education for all up to the end of an undergraduate degree, while also acknowledging that university isn’t a good use of time for everybody, so also…
  • … Expansion of apprenticeship schemes, especially for practical trades and the creative arts
  • Less inequality between the highest paid and the lowest paid, through raising the minimum wage, increasing taxation on high incomes, and curbing bonuses
  • Support, both financial and advisory, for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, so more people can create jobs and businesses they love

Other Stuff:

I note that Boris Johnson’s ethics advisor has quit. I can’t help wondering if the wrong man resigned. And why do politicians need an ethics advisor anyway? Don’t we have our own inner Jiminy Cricket to let us know when we’re not in integrity? But maybe I’m being disingenuous — I can imagine that the intersection between “politics” and “ethics” can become mighty complicated, which maybe tells us something about the nature of the political beast…

At Fifteen Seconds in Graz, Austria [photos by Ellen Leanse]



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Roz Savage

Roz Savage


Former management consultant who stepped out of the ordinary to row oceans solo. Currently writing and podcasting at